Rock Opera

The telling of stories through music is as old as music itself. Rock operas have come and gone out of style since the 1960s. The first successful rock opera was "Tommy" by "The Who." Not only was "Tommy" successful but it was the album that really put "The Who" over the top. "Jesus Christ Superstar," was the next, making Weber and Rice almost household names over night, and many more have been recorded over the years. Here is a link to a history of the rock opera.

"The Selfish Giant," is a project that took over three years to write and record. It is true to the genre of the opera in that it tells the story completely through the music; no speaking or narration is used. It is true to the genre of the rock opera in that it is a classic/progressive rock album over an hour in length. It is unique in that, as far as we know, it is the first time a time-tested fairy tale (first published in 1888) has been recorded as a rock opera. This is probably Oscar Wilde's most popular fairy tale.

Jim and Dee Patton have gold and platinum records for their song writing efforts and this is, by far, their most ambitious effort to date.

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